Amazing Leadership conference!

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Today I’m going to be talking about ‘Leadership day’ this was a day when we got together with other year 6’s from another school, i was in purple team! This group had Me, Harvey, Ananya, Izzy, Lara, Stav, Henry, Charlie, Michelle, Abby, and Jack. We had to compete in many challenges such as who can build the largest paper tower, and cup/ cup stacking. The one I’m talking about today is… The planking competition!

The planking competition was about which team could hold the pose plank for the longest period of time. But we had to have over half of our team planking which since we were 11 we had to have 6 on at a time. We made a word when we needed to swap, ours was purple, imaginative right? Seriously i liked it though. The person couldn’t get up till the replacement was in the planking pose, it stated with Harvey, Charlie, Abby, Michelle, Lara, and Jack. After a bit we got the hang of it. But each time the replacement didn’t hear somebody others would say “___ said purple! We need the next person for them.” Towards the end it was harder we were getting weaker. But we tried extra hard remembering the prize was food. It motivated us one team down, then the next. Before we knew it we were i the last 4 teams. It gave us more pressure. Until the unthinkable happened to us. Out! Said the judge. We had only 5 on.

The winners were the Lime green team. They left to get their prize but they were asked “if you could would you share your prize with everybody else?” They said yes! Turns out the prize were icy poles, they were so good.not all winners are mean, they were a good sport.

Something things I learnt was that I can hold a plank, I’m good at listening to my team mates,and it was actually fun, as soon as they said there was a food for the prize it motivated everyone you could hear all the gasps. Something i learnt about my members, well they are all smart, strong and they all know how to communicate with each other for the most part clearly.

Thanks for sticking around and reading about my first Leadership conference,



My year 5 reflection!

Term 4, week 8, the most stressful week of all, the year 5 play, great, just great! This will be the end! I might fall off the bottom of the world.My main character was the 10th federationist my extra characters were a convict and brides maid the others in the bridal party were Will and Dillon our bride was Lotti. In the convict scene we had to mark out all the territories of Australia it also included Max and Will “stealing” a pocket watch from Governor Phillip(Harvey) and Harvey pulled out a phone in the 1900s!

Now the cricket match has started this is the most important match in history would Australia join forces or remain 6 separate colonies! In this cricket match before I was able to bowl Henry Parks(Tom) dropped dead then when it can my turn well these were my lines

“10th Federationist: We could give the vote to the women!”

“ The games stops, crowd: WHAT!?!”

“Eddie+Bruce:  I beg your pardon!”

“10th Federationist : We well we, could give the vote to the ah, women?”

“10th Federationist: or or not, it was just an idea you know, I thought we were making a great new country and-, bad idea very bad idea don’t know what got into me there sorry, sorry.”

So I was all for women then some people ripped off their beards and were women! I was a women but I had to pretend to be a man. Also after this Queen Victoria dropped dead on the cricket field “long live the uh- King!” That didn’t go down well with the first women. Our play was a funny version of Australian history.i would like to give a shout out to all the tea ladies because they kept in character and they were so energetic and that was my year 5, reflection on the production


My amazing adaptation findings!

Crunch….crunch….crunch….it pounces. Catching a small lizard, the Fennec Fox hears everything with it significantly large ears. It blends into the desert floor because of its sand coloured fur, this helps it keep safe. Water? No the fennec fox doesn’t need much. This fox lasts days without water. It’s on the go the Fennec Fox can run on all the hot rocks and sand because of its thick fur on the pads of its feet. You don’t want to be in the desert with this creature in malting season!

The Fennec Fox is the smallest of Fox in the world! The Fennec Fox has large ears and a bushy black tipped tail, their colours can vary from white to a pale reddish orange. If you see something small and furry but your not sure if it’s an animal or sand and you’re in one of the areas that I will be talking about later, it’s probably a Fennec Fox, try not to scare or make it frightened, because if you do it will become agitated and will either just swipe or snap.

They are usually found eating insects, lizards, small mammals, bird eggs, fruit, bulbs, Omnivore, and when water is available in they take it. They eat many things such as those if they can’t find them they will eat dried/dead plants.

They are nocturnal so you fill not find them in the day if you do by chance find them they will be in a deep hole that they live in during the day. This is because they don’t want to risk getting caught/ killed by bigger animals/Predators, so they use the technique of hunting at night so it’s easier to catch prey because they can sneak up on their sleeping victims.

You can only find them in the Deserts of Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The places you will find these creatures are in the specific deserts, you cant really find them in any other deserts around the world, like you will not find them in Australia, Russia, USA, as a last thing that I am saying because there are many places that there are not found so to make it more simple I am going to say Asia, so if you find a Fennec Fox in these areas it would have been brought there by someone or something.

So this is my blog post of my learnings/findings about fennec foxes during our adaptation unit thank you or sticking around for this’s blog post I hav enjoyed doing all the research it has been really fun and enjoyable writing this posts thank you

My NEW favourite Book Chat


Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite book chat! If you didn’t know, book chat is a thing we have where we get to pick out of a selection of books and get a set time to read it right now my book chat is ‘Saving Winslow’! Anyway into the book! The book I chose was……. Snot Chocolate! By Morris Gleitzman, so if you have read my previous posts you will see that my last favourite book chat was Once by Morris Gleitzman, back to Snot Chocolate! So this book is one of the more funny books he has written, it has multiple stories, within it my favourite was Kumquat May! This story was about a girl who was in a group with April and June, she would always bring her Grandma’s dumplings to school as all their breakfast but one day she found a new girl (July) had replaced her with… toast!? They told her they didn’t like her dumplings anymore, and she decided she wanted to make a comeback! When they made toast and jam for everyone in the school she decided to swap their jam for hers (it was kumquat jam) the school liked hers more, and the other girls  (April, June) regretted dumping her for July! That was only one of the stories it’s genre is humour! It’s was a hilarious read and I would recommend it to ages 8-14 maybe even to 15! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite book chat!


How me and my family celebrate Christmas!

Hello , 

Today I am talking about a holiday that I celebrate with my family! The holiday is…………….CHRISTMAS! So today I’m talking about how my family celebrates Christmas! First the night before we look at some houses in our area and how they have decorated next we all stay in one of our rooms and put biscuits and milk and carrots out on the table, next we go to sleep early. Now in the morning we all together as a family open gifts from each other and ones from Santa Clause but our Christmas isn’t all just about presents that is only 25% of our Christmas maybe even less! Now we get dressed into nice clothes and we have a nice day at either our Grandparents, Aunties, or our home with some cousins, Auntie, and Grandparent, we have pork and crackle (pork rind) and just spend time together when we get home we get into our PJ’s and say our good nights then we go to bed and that ends our Christmas! Thank you for reading how me and my family celebrate Christmas.

Oh and we dress our dog up!


My New and Improved Avatar!


This is my new avatar! It has greyish green eyes like me and glasses I think that even if this avatar was trying to be realistic it doesn’t have some of the features I have like HearingAids and earrings but it is a good picture for my online self and it has a khaki hoodie because I like hoodies and I like the colour khaki (muddy green) and my skin colour is olive and my lips are pink so I did my best to recreate myself

But your online avatar is not exact it is similar!

That is my new avatar,


My Toonallook Reflection!

Fired Up! REA- Ummm err never mind, TIRED, we were tired and felt terrible, I was happy because I got to sit next to Eleanor on the way there and back, soon morning tea came we ate our home made recess it was good but, nope still tired, ahhhh I finally fell asleep for 20 minutes, wow, my cabin was AWSOME! Whyyyyyyy I need to go to the toilet I woke someone up, wait what is that! A kangaroo! Ugh 4th time lucky.

We got back from camp on the 17th of October it was so fun if you’re wondering we went to Toonallook! It was one of the first times the year 5’s went on the expo which is where we sleep in an actual tent! It was so fun my class saw 31 Koala’s on Raymond Island and 1 just as we were leaving on the bus so we saw 32 Koalas in total! We stayed there for 4days and 3nights! My group went kayaking then biking then fishing it was so fun we caught no fish and me and my friend went on a kayak together and then she was behind me and when I tumbled because of the thick sand she then fell on top of me! And after Kayaking we got to swim in the water! It was freezing.

My favourite part was playing king ball which is like a big version of 4 square but it was circles and if the ball hit the dirt it would mean your out it had 4 parts Dunce, Jack, Queen, King I got king quiet a bit, but as soon as I did I got out, oh well better luck next time!

That was my journey at camp Toonallook! I am excited to go again in year 6!


The hard road ahead!

















What I have learnt about the past:

I learnt that there are certain games for girls and boys, and the girls got to ALWAYS go first, women and children were considered unimportant or less important and in 1854 the 3 December the Eureka Stockade was build but then in the morning on the lords day(Sunday) many troops stormed the Stockade 35 miners were injured, 5 troops and 1 recorded women fatality. On October 7 James Scobie was murdered in from of the Eureka Hotel by James Bentley later Bentley was “found” not guilty when in reality he was but it was all planned because they brought an 11year old boy as a witness, diggers were outraged so they burnt down the Eureka Hotel 10 diggers were arrested little did the governor know this was only the start later diggers gathered at Bakery Hill and all burnt their licences which started the stockade.



I fell I used the PLAS: Relationships, and Self-management because I didn’t yell or get super angry but I did get FRUSTRATED when something went wrong or my PARTNER did nothing to help but he was

ok even though a few times I had to work on my own because he was sick but that’s ok we may not have finished one of our buildings but

oh well we tried it was also hard writing the new paper article because I was sick when we wrote it so on the day I just finished it before we showed it of the parents I’m pretty sure they liked it or were impressed

What challenges did you face? And how did you solve them?:

Well the challenges on camp and back were probably worry about home because I got a bit homesick but 8 solved it by not focusing on that but on my friends and the AWSOME school program at Sovereign Hill I was in Year 5 (based on height) so I guess I’m a bit short! Anyways back to the question and when I got back I was stressed about the diorama but I guess I had nothing really to worry about! Any ways that my fun time!


My Amazing Answers!

What Makes A Good Information book?

A good information book has real and or true information that makes it interesting but gives you real and fun facts. It also contains amazing and most of the time unbelievable facts it also needs to have pictures and clear ones to balance out the words with pictures because if you have to many words at once it will either get boring or to hard.

What is your favourite shortlisted book?Why?


My favourite shortlisted book is bouncing back! Because it is a true story and it is heart breaking that it is happening and because I has amazing pictures and not to much text!

wh at are your answers?



My fantastic Find!

Hello bloggers,

I am writing a review on ‘El Deafo’ because I recently read it I find I liked it because I could relate to it since she gets hearing aids and I have hearing aids so when you relate to thing or a book I find it makes it more interesting.


I would recommend this book to people with a hearing disadvantage, hearing aids, or people that just simply want to learn how its like and lastly the age I think best suits it is 8-13 years old

                                              Do you think you would read this book?


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